• rampstyle #31 Isn't That Something?
    rampstyle #31 Isn't That Something?
    20,00 EUR
    Focusing on the essentials, blocking out everything else... If you’re focused, you’ve already mastered one important key skill. In our multimodal world, focus is, unfortunately, a rather limited resource. In particularly focused moments, we forget all about time. But do we run the risk of developing tunnel vision? Does focus lose its power over time? Do we become habituated? Far from it. Unexpected surprises? Bring ‘em on!
  • rampstyle #30 Blue Skies
    rampstyle #30 Blue Skies
    20,00 EUR
    After “All Summer Long” here’s our follow-up issue with the title “Blue Skies”. Of course. Because readers who know a little something about the English singer and songwriter Chris Rea will have already noticed how we’ve come full circle here. The blue sky as a symbol of hopeful optimism about what’s to come.
  • rampstyle #29 All Summer Long
    rampstyle #29 All Summer Long
    20,00 EUR
    Barcelona in summer. With Alvaro Soler - and a Porsche 911 SC. An approach to the phenomenon and the person Yves Saint Laurent. We spoke with Udo Kier in Palm Springs, and Luc Donckerwolke in his garage. And then there's the cover - and the associated story of House of Spoils.
  • rampstyle #27 By the Way
    rampstyle #27 By the Way
    20,00 EUR
    Did you know that between thirty and fifty percent of all scientific discoveries are the result of coincidence? Velcro, Viagra, X-rays – sometimes people find things without even looking for them, but they are rewarded with an unexpected alternative.
  • rampstyle #28 Into the Great Wide Open
    rampstyle #28 Into the Great Wide Open
    20,00 EUR
    An exclusive fashion editorial with Tim Bendzko. Unseen pictures by photographer Anouk Masson Krantz. A conversation with star director Guy Ritchie and a somewhat different interview with musician Dan Auerbach. All this and much more awaits you in this issue of rampstyle.
  • rampstyle #26 Good News
    rampstyle #26 Good News
    15,00 EUR
    Two thin ovals far up inside a circle, a curved arc below, sketched on sunny yellow. In a split second, our brain has combined the elements into a smiling face, instantly putting us in a good mood. Wonderful! A smiley like that just feels good.
  • rampstyle #25 Keep It Simple and Smart
    rampstyle #25 Keep It Simple and Smart
    15,00 EUR
    We prefer to experience our world not only as rather complicated, but also as extremely complex. And there we are, more or less merrily in the middle of it all.
  • rampstyle #24 <br>I am (cool)
    rampstyle #24
    I am (cool)
    15,00 EUR
    Everything is supposed to be cool; everyone wants to be cool. We encounter the terms cool and coolness almost everywhere we go – at times overused, at times vague and undefined. At the same time, coolness inspires, it is confidence, an attitude, a style, an aesthetic.
  • rampstyle #23 Me. Again.
    rampstyle #23 Me. Again.
    15,00 EUR
    An issue we dedicate to ourselves. Us. Once again. Following on from our last rampstyle, which we called »Me for Myself«. Wonderful. How do we ideally approach this »me«? We recommend a combination of two strategies: Approach your identity hunt like Inspector Columbo, who always seems a bit off-track in the detective series of the same name, but nevertheless always solves the case.
  • rampstyle #22 <br>I for myself
    rampstyle #22
    I for myself
    15,00 EUR
    What makes us tick? Ultimately, it’s always our personality. This wonderfully dazzling and unique “me” through which we see ourselves and the world. So far, so good – as seen by others. But once we start thinking about our self, things get more complicated.
  • rampstyle #21 <br>Sex, Art & Chocolate
    rampstyle #21
    Sex, Art & Chocolate
    15,00 EUR
    Immanuel Kant would not have bought this issue of rampstyle. In Kantian ethics, man is bound by duty, and it is irrelevant whether he is happy or not. A nasty trap – and deeply entrenched in our culture to this day.
  • rampstyle #20 Sunny Side Up
    rampstyle #20 Sunny Side Up
    15,00 EUR
    If the problems do not solve themselves, it is best to shut down the system briefly. With an emphasis on brief. The success of the action lives then naturally substantially on the fact that one can be pleased finally about a successful restart.
  • rampstyle #19 Hyppytyynytyydytys
    rampstyle #19 Hyppytyynytyydytys
    15,00 EUR
    There is no happiness without misfortune. Or to put it another way: The safest formula for unhappiness is to think about happiness (and yourself) all the time. Nevertheless, we once dared to do so.
  • rampstyle #18<br> La pensée sauvage
    rampstyle #18
    La pensée sauvage
    15,00 EUR
    If our lives go according to plan, we'll be happy. Didn't I? Well, yeah. When everything is predictable, there is no room for spontaneity. Which brings us to Claude Lévi-Strauss and his work »La pensée sauvage« (»Wild Thinking«).
  • rampstyle #17 Sticking to It
    rampstyle #17 Sticking to It
    10,00 EUR
    Sticking to it? Sure, we know what that means. But we wanted to delve deeper, to penetrate to the core of stick-to-it-ive-ness as a philosophy – even as a way of life. That might even entice us to examine our own paradigms and behaviors and to discover the joy of experimentation.